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Lot #53 Saddle Creek Estates , Lenoir, NC 28633
Item 406126  
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Status: Hold
Auction Starts: 03-23-09    08:00 AM ET
Auction Closes: 03-25-09    02:30 PM ET
Asset Details
Seller Information
Seller Name: Bank Owned M&A
Rating: Not Applicable
Location: Lenoir, NC    28633
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Bid Increment: $500
Minimum Bid: $54,000
Auction Type: Regular Auction
Source: Bank
Deposit Required:
$5,000  see instructions
Overtime Period: 5 min
Buyer's Premium: 4.0%
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Asset Description
Lot #53 Saddle Creek Estates , Lenoir, NC 28633
BR/ .0BA
bidding starts at $54,000
Year Built
Sq Footage
Bathrooms full, 0 partial


Property Features: This is a 10 acre tract of mountain terrain. Road system is partially developed: extensive grading, excavation and gravel but no paving completed. Part of underground utilities appear to be in place.

Address 1Lot #53 Saddle Creek Estates

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Additional Details
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Bidding Requirements
To bid on this auction, all bidders are required to become qualified by placing a deposit. The deposit of the winning bidder is automatically transferred to the seller at the end of the auction. If the winning bidder fails to perform on any auction, the entire BidDeposit will be forfeited to the seller.

Non-winning bidders' deposits are refunded within (10) ten business days after the close of the auction. This deposit cannot be applied to other auctions.

To find out more about the BidDeposit requirement, click here.
Additional Terms of Service
  • Winning bid price is subject to approval by the bank.
  • An administrative fee of $395.00 will be paid by the winning bidder in addition to their bid amount.

  • PLEASE READ CAREFULLY- Bid4Assets Real Estate Buyer Responsibilities

    Some sellers buy large "pools" of under-valued properties from banks. The seller may not inspect every property prior to sale. The seller represents these properties to the best of their knowledge. In some rare cases, property may have severe damage or be subject to county/city orders not described in the auction. It is highly recommended that interested bidders arrange for an external inspection personally or through a designate and that they contact the county or city in which the property is located to confirm the status of the property.

    Bid4Assets reminds all potential real estate bidders that it is your responsibility to complete all due diligence needed to determine the condition, market value, or investment value of this asset prior to placing a bid. Necessary due diligence items may include, but are not limited to,

    • A satisfactory inspection of the property
    • Completion of a title search
    • Investigating back property taxes and
    • Other - liens and encumbrances such as unpaid utility bills.

    By placing a bid, you acknowledge that any statements made by the seller about the condition or market value of the property are subjective, and do not release you from your responsibility to perform due diligence. Please contact Bid4Assets if you believe that a seller is intentionally misrepresenting a property in their auction.

    Settlement Requirements
    • This auction requires that the winning bidder pay a Buyer's Premium of 4.00% of the winning bid amount. (The Buyer's Premium covers the costs associated with the auction). This amount will be added to the winning bid and will be included in the total purchase price paid by the Buyer to the Seller.
    Payment Type
    • Settlement Agent