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VINTAGE 405 Coin Collection w\THREE Gold Coins,Possible Val $3,117,000
Item 438492  
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Auction Started: 02-25-10    08:15 PM ET
Auction Closed: 02-27-10    10:30 PM ET
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Seller Name: TheCoinShoppe
Rating: Seller Rating - 4.5 (489)
Location: newburgh, IN    47630
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Auction Type: Regular Auction
Source: Private Auction
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Up for auction (without reserve) is this VINTAGE  Four Hundred Five Coin Collection !!!  This Elegant Collection includes an Uncirculated  2002 GOLD $5.00 American Eagle Coin, an Uncirculated 1996 GOLD $5.00 American Eagle Coin AND  a KEYDATE Uncirculated 1988 GOLD  $5.00 American Eagle Coin  !!!  The rest of the collection contains assorted Foreign Coins and  SILVER coins of which several are One Ounce Coins !!!    Many of these coins are CERTIFIED and GRADED !!!   

This VINTAGE  Four Hundred Five Coin Collection has a Possible Value of $3,117,000 !!!


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The Coins are Listed Below:   

1  Uncirculated 2002 GOLD  $5.00 American Eagle Coin !!!  The Possible Value of this coin Graded IF Graded MS-70 is $900.00 !!! 

1 Uncirculated 1996 GOLD $5.00 American Eagle Coin !!!  The Possible Value of this coin IF Graded MS-70 is $2,700.00 !!!  

1  Uncirculated  KEYDATE 1988 GOLD  $5.00 American Eagle Coin !!!  The Possible Value of this coin IF Graded MS-70 is $7,250.00 !!!

1 1968 (10 Coin Set) Unopened\Sealed Envelope Mint Set:  The POSSIBLE VALUE OF THIS SET IN Mint State 70 CONDITION WITH ERRORS IS $456,920 !!!  
1 1965 (5 Coin Set)  Unopened\Sealed Envelope SPECIAL MINT Set:  The POSSIBLE VALUE OF THIS SET IN Mint State 70 Condition WITH ERRORS is $321,000 !!!  
2 1969 (10 Coin Sets, 20 COINS ) Unopened\Sealed Envelope Mint Sets: THE POSSIBLE VALUE OF THESE SETs IN Mint State 70 CONDITION WITH ERRORS is $1,880,000 !!!   
1 1957 (5 Coin Set ) Unopened\Sealed Envelope SILVER PROOF SET:  THE POSSIBLE VALUE OF THIS SET IN PROOF 70 DCAM CONDITION WITH ERRORS IS $276,000 !!!    
1 QNGS Certified\Graded MS-67 1925-P Peace Silver Dollar.  The book value of this coin graded MS-67 is $5,250.00 !!!      

QNGS Certified\Graded MS-67 1921-P Morgan Silver Dollar.  The book value of this coin graded MS-67 is $13,000.00 !!!

1 RARE 1883-P SILVER Morgan Dollar with a VAM 21-O  " Doubled 18-3" Error !!!  The possible value of this coin IF graded Mint State 67 with an Error is $32,000 !!!

1 RARE 1886-P SILVER Morgan Dollar with a VAM 11-O "Doubled 18" Error.  The Possible Value of this coin IF Graded MS-67 with an error is $16,500 !!!  

1 QNGS Certified\Graded PERFECT MS-70 2007 SILVER American Eagle Dollar  !!! The Book Value of this coin graded MS-70 is $120.00 !!!

MGS Certified\Graded MS-67 1977-S Kennedy  HALF Dollar.  The book value of this coin graded MS-67 is $15.00 !!!

NGC Certified\Graded PF-69 ULTRA CAMEO  2001-S STATEHOOD "New York"  Washington Quarter.  The  book value of this coin graded PF-69 ULTRA CAMEO  is $22.00 !!!

PCGS Certified\Graded PROOF 69 DEEP CAMEO SILVER  2004-S Washington Statehood "FLORIDA" Quarter.  The book value of this coin graded PR-69 DCAM is $25.00 !!!

MGS Certified\Graded PR-70 DCAM 1986-S Roosevelt Dime.  The book value of this coin graded PR-70 DCAM  is $300.00 !!!   

QNGS Certified\Graded MS-67 1944-P SILVER Jefferson Nickel.  The book value of this coin graded MS-67 is $600.00 !!!    

1 QNGS Certified\Graded MS-67 1893 SILVER "Columbian Exposition" COMMEMORATIVE Half Dollar !!! The book value of this coin graded MS-67 is $11,000.00 !!
1 MGS Certified\Graded F-15 1883 Indian Head Penny !!! The book value of this coin graded F-15 is $15.00 !!
Five Rolls (250 Coins) of Mixed Wheat  Lincoln Memorial Pennies !!!  The possible value of these pennies IF graded MS-66 is $93,000 !!!
One Hundred Assorted Foreign Coins !! These coins are unchecked as far as value !!!

This Four Hundred Five Coin Collection is in FANTASTIC condition and is a Great investment !!! SEE PICTURES !!

Go to to get accurate coin values for its particular grade.*
Gold is Approaching $1,200.00 an ounce, Platinum is approaching $1,500.00 an ounce and Silver is approaching $20.00 an ounce and the Numismatic Hobby is "On Fire" again! Coins are skyrocketing in value. Make your investment in the US and World Coin Market !!
PLEASE NOTICE: A 10% buyers premium or $25 processing fee, whichever is greater, applies to this listing.
$25.00 Domestic ($40.00 International) Shipping, Handling & Insurance. Buyer must contact Us within 2 days and We must be paid within 5 days after auction. Mint Sealed Proof Sets, that are opened by the buyer, are not returnable. NO EXCEPTIONS !
*Coins are purchased from various sources. They are graded and Certified by multiple Third Party Grading Companies. I do not endorse a specific grader, therefore coin values will vary and are not the responsibility of me, the seller. Book Value does not necessarily reflect retail value.


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