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Auction Calendar*


» Benton, WA
November 4th - 5th

» Tulare, CA
November 6th - 10th

» El Dorado, CA
November 7th - 10th

» Pierce B&F, WA
November 12th

» Riverside, CA
November 13th - 14th

» Calaveras, CA
November 14th - 17th

» Pierce B&F, WA
November 17th

» Merced, CA
November 15th - 18th

» Nevada, CA
November 15th - 18th

» Sutter, CA
November 15th - 18th

» Pierce A-T, WA
November 17th - 18th

» Pierce FM, WA
November 17th - 18th

» Los Angeles, CA
November 17th - 19th

» Sonoma, CA
November 18th


» Kitsap, WA
December 2nd


» Thurston, WA
January 5th - 7th

» Spokane, WA
January 13th - 14th


» Imperial, CA
February 15th - 18th


» Fresno, CA
March 6th - 9th

» Alameda, CA
March 15th - 18th



* Tax Sale information is available 3-4 weeks prior to the auction date.