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Bid4Assets is the largest seller of tax-defaulted property online and is pleased to offer interested auction participants a number of tools and resources to help make their buying experience on Bid4Assets a success.

  • County Tax Sales Email Alert.
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  • How to Participate in a B4A County Tax Sale auction.
    First time on our site? Learn how to most effectively navigate our site and quickly find what you’re looking for with our user-friendly, step-by-step guide to participating in County Tax Sales.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions.
    What is a Tax Deed? Why is a deposit required to bid on the auction? What does it mean if a property is withdrawn? Find answers to these and other questions in our County Tax Sales Buyer FAQs.
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  • County Tax Sales Glossary of Terms.
    From "Ad Valorem" to "Easement", the B4A County Tax Sale Glossary of Terms includes definitions to all the key tax sale auction terms.
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  • National Association of Counties
    NACO is the organization representing our nation's County governments. On the NACO Web site you will find contact information for County officials, state maps showing county boundaries and more.
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Auction Calendar*

* Tax Sale information is available 3-4 weeks prior to the auction date.


» Pierce FM, WA
August 3rd - 4th

» Tuolumne, CA
August 6th

» Tulare, CA
August 6th - 10th

» Los Angeles, CA
August 8th - 11th

» San Mateo, CA
August 8th - 11th

» San Benito, CA
August 14th - 17th

» Mendocino, CA
August 21st - 24th

» Monterey, CA
August 21st - 24th


» Imperial, CA
August 29th -
September 1st

» Merced, CA
September 12th - 14th


» Pierce B&F, WA
October 5th

» Mendocino, CA
October 16th - 19th

» Santa Clara, CA
October 23rd - 26th



* Tax Sale information is available 3-4 weeks prior to the auction date.