Benefits of Online Tax Deed Sales

The Internet instantly increases the number of prospective buyers by eliminating the geographical confines of traditional on-location auctions. In addition, the power of the Internet gives County Tax Collectors the ability to facilitate sales for an unlimited number of bidders in seconds, precessing more competitive bids, generating faster results and higher returns. All of which translates into a greater number of delinquent parcels being returned to tax revenue producing status.

Benefits to holding deed sales online include:

  • An Expanded Buyer Pool
    Bid4Assets allows Tax Collectors to reach tens of thousands of buyers who have requested to be notified specifically about tax sales via email auction alerts. This is in addition to our more than 200,000 registrants.

  • Faster Sale Process
    Bid4Assets harnesses the power of the Internet to easily facilitate the sale of any number of tax delinquent properties in a matter of hours.
  • Convenience for Bidders
    Bid4Assets eliminates the geographic constraints by allowing a larger base of bidders to participate from any location at anytime with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access. Bidders save time and money by monitoring, researching and bidding on properties from the comfort of their own home.
  • Greater Success
    Bid4Assets allows for faster collection of delinquent tax payments and provides a more effective method for returning properties to the tax rolls through increased redemptions and sales.
  • Increased Competition
    With the potential of hundreds of bidders participating in an auction, the increased interest and competition for properties directly correlates to the collection of higher final sales prices. This process not only benefits the County by allowing it to recoup the entire delinquent tax balance, but also in many cases allows the delinquent taxpayer to recover some lost funds.
  • Ease of Transaction
    The entire auction process is outsourced, freeing County staff and officials to to attend to other local matters involving County residents.

I was extremely pleased with the Internet auction. We surpassed our expectations and sold 100% of the offered parcels. This was a totally new and exciting adventure for Elko County, and we appreciated all the help from Bid4Assets.

Rebecca Erickson
Elko County, NV

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