Bid4Assets' End-to-end Online Auction Solution
for County Tax Sales

Features and benefits of Bid4Assets' County tax sales solution

  • Dedicated Customer Service

    Our experienced and professional Client Services team answers questions and assists bidders with all inquiries regarding registration and bidding. In addition, Bid4Assets provides unique services to bidders with limited computer access; including, but not limited to, providing due diligence materials via fax and offline deposit and bidding services via phone, fax or mail. The Bid4Assets Client Services team is committed to providing the best information and service to every interested buyer no matter what their need. These services have shown to reduce the volume of inquiries received by County officials and offices dramatically.

  • An Expanded Buyer Pool

    Moving online allows any seller to instantly gain prospective buyers that are no longer bound by the geographical confines of traditional on-location auctions. At Bid4Assets, we leverage that fact to its full extent, routinely attracting hundreds of thousands of interested investors and land buyers to our site. With over 200,000 registrants, and almost 100,000 requesting notification about property sales, Bid4Assets has the perfect marketplace for tax-defaulted property auctions.

  • Online Due Diligence

    Bid4Assets allows you to save time and expense by posting asset specific information online with your properties. This gives administrators (County Tax Collectors) the ability to include plat maps, photos, zoning, tax information, etc. with their listings, decreasing the number of inquiries to agency staff. Bid4Assets makes it easier for bidders to make purchasing decisions by simply visiting our site.

  • Proactive Marketing

    In addition to its extensive network of qualified buyers, Bid4Assets continually expands its reach for your properties through traditional print advertising, direct mail, and Web-based advertising.

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  • Deed Information Collection

    DeedWizard™, a proprietary post-auction data collection system created by Bid4Assets, facilitates the deed transfer process. The system automatically provides winning bidders a summary of all their purchase information, including any applicable transfer tax and payment instructions. Winning bidders are also prompted to enter title information and addresses for future tax payments. The DeedWizard™ not only provides winning bidders with a user-friendly front-end interface, it also provides County Tax Collectors with a comprehensive, electronic Post-Sale Report, detailing all deed data within a few business days of acutions close.

  • Bid Deposits

    Bid4Assets can provide pre-bid qualification through Bid Deposits, requiring potential buyers to fund an FDIC-insured account with a non-refundable deposit (should they be the high bidder in an auction) prior to placing a bid.

  • Post Sale Report

    Bid4Assets provides local government clients with a comprehensive post-sale report, that includes successful bidder information and their contact details, the number and location of all participating bidders, the number of individuals who their examined due the diligence material, and the number of page views/hits. Bid4Assets can provide additional customizable data upon request.

We had great success working with Bid4Assets in conducting our recent public auction sale of tax-defaulted properties in the City and County of San Francisco. We received positive feedback from the general public for the convenience and accessibility that online auction sales offer, and noticed a significant increase in the number of registered bidders compared to our conventional auctions of past years. I truly believe that online public auction sales reduce staff administrative time spent on property sales and really improve government efficiency.

Francis T. Nguyen
Director, Property Tax and Licensing
City & County of San Francisco

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