Proactive Marketing

Bid4Assets strongly believes that the most important element of a successful tax sale project is advertising. Reaching the broadest pool of qualified and motivated buyers is integral to a successful sale. For the duration of a tax sale program, Bid4Assets advertises the tax-defaulted properties on its Web site twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week ("24x7"). In addition, Bid4Assets markets a County's tax-defaulted properties, via methods pre-approved by a County Tax Collector, to enable a County to quickly sell its properties and return them to revenue-producing status.

A brief summary of the advertising efforts that may be implemented follows:

Print Advertising

Bid4Assests prepares and places professional classified advertisements in various local newspapers and/or targeted industry publications to attract potential buyers, as necessary. The advertisements contain sale date(s) and time(s), brief descriptions of the assets and their location, certain terms of sale, and unique and/or appealing features of the properties.

Email Notices

Bid4Assets' proprietary email notification system automatically informs potential buyers of new assets posted on the site and keeps them updated on their bid status. Additionally, Bid4Assets notifies its established real estate buyer base and subscribers of our partner real estate and online government portals via email. The email campaign announces all of the relevant details about the offering and entices potential bidders to visit online auction listings and pre-register for auction updates.

Media & PR

Based upon our experience working with government entities, Bid4Assets recognizes that the sale of assets by an online venue often generates a high level of public interest. Bid4Assets capitalizes on the public interest utilizing press releases to our contacts nationally in the print, radio and television media in an attempt to generate free coverage that acts as a supplement to paid advertising efforts. Any press releases generated must be pre-approved by a County Tax Collector before release.

Please note: Bid4Assets advertising is to enhance sales results and does not take the place of legal advertising.

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