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Guidelines & Terms of Service

Seller Policies – Familiarize yourself with auction dos and don’ts, website policies and technical specifications.

Terms of Service – A thorough description of all Bid4Assets policies.

Tips from the Pros – Learn how to optimize your auction description, timeline, financial terms and more for maximum profits!

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Technical Specs for EZ Lister

The Bid4Assets website performs optimally with the newest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. On Apple computers, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome. If you experience technical difficulties with Bid4Assets’ listing process, we recommend updating your browser, as this will often fix the issue.

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Choose a Category

Choose the most appropriate category and sub-categories available. This ensures that prospective buyers will be able to find your auction. If you need help choosing a category, please contact Support Services.

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Basic Asset Information

(WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get)

Description, Inspection Information & Settlement Terms

This field is for writing all relevant information about your auction, including inspection details, settlement terms, and any additional terms of the sale.

►Your title can use up to 70 characters. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, maximum of 25 capital letters are allowed in the title. HTML, website addresses, and contact info are not permitted in the title.  If you use Premium Marketing Services, only the first 55 characters will show up in your advertisement.

In your description, be sure to enter all necessary information to best describe the asset.

Real Estate: Include APN Number/complete legal description (required), size of property, zoning, annual taxes/dues, utilities available, improvements, appraised value, telephone number for county (recommended), etc. For timeshares include the unit#, fixed/floating week and maintenance fees.

Personal Property: Make, model, serial number, specifications, year/age/hours used, maintenance, size, cut, color, clarity, etc.

Financial Instruments: Position of note, performance, origination amount and date, payments, balance of note, amortization schedule, etc.

Enter any additional settlement terms, such as: "Payment must be received within 5 days of the close of the auction." All jewelry, coin, and artwork auctions will automatically display Bid4Assets Jewelry, Coin and Artwork Return, Refund and Appraisal Policies.

Enter the location of the asset. Use the dropdown bar where necessary.

Click Here for Tips on Writing Effective Asset Descriptions

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Adding Pictures to your Auction Description

*This step involves hosting the images on another website and modifying HTML.  Novice users can skip this section and learn to easily upload the images in the next section.

Adding pictures to your auction description is a free and easy way to increase the marketability of your auction. EZLister enables you to add a main picture to your auction page and you can add additional images and files in the “Additional Details” tab, which is explained in greater detail below.

If you would like to have images coded directly into your asset description, they must first be hosted (or stored) somewhere else on the Internet. Ask your Internet service provider if they offer any free web space. If not, there are many picture hosting Web sites that offer limited free storage, such as:

· Village Photos
· imageCave

Once your pictures are online and you have the URLs for them, click on the “HTML” tab and copy and paste the picture code (see below) into your auction description. Simply replace the text in blue with the URL of your picture. If you'd like to center the picture, or align it to the left or right, click back to the “Normal” tab. You can now click on the picture and click on the icon for align left, center, or align right.


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Image and Additional Details Upload

We strongly recommend that you upload a picture (must be jpeg/gif) of your auctionas a main image if you have one available. Pictures help promote your auction and make it more appealing to buyers. If you do not have a picture of the specific asset, you can upload your company logo or a relevant stock photo (just specify when you use photos that do not depict your actual asset). This main image will be resized automatically and will appear at the top of your auction. It will also appear as a thumbnail next to your title for people who search for or browse auctions on the site.

EZ Lister allows you to upload up to five additional pictures or files (appraisals, plat maps, etc.) to your auction, which will appear under the “Additional Details” tab. To add a picture, simply click on the green plus sign. Remember to give the picture or file a relevant title, to inform your buyers as to what they are going to be looking at. Then click the “Browse” button and attach your picture. To remove a picture, click on the “Delete” button.

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Auction Requested Timeline

Please indicate your time and date preference for starting and ending the auction. Auctions normally run about 5 to 8 days. If you are purchasing Premium Marketing Services, we recommend giving the auction 8 to 10 days. Please note that auction dates cannot be changed once the auction has been submitted.

Option 1 starts your auction immediately upon completion. It will appear on the website for the number of days that you designate and it will end on the final day at the same time it started.

Option 2 gives you more control over what dates and times you’d like to start and end the auction. If you use a start date in the future, the auction will appear on the site in preview until it opens for bidding. You can also select a date and specific time for your auction to close.

Bid4Assets may review each asset listing before making it publicly available. Auctions created over the weekend may not be reviewed until the following Monday. In some cases, auctions may remain on hold until they are reviewed. If an auction is set to start on a Friday after 2:30 PM ET, it cannot be set to close before the following Monday at 3:00 PM ET.

Click Here for Tips on Choosing Effective Auction Timelines

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Financial Terms

Please fill in all required financial terms. Bid4Assets recommends that you start the bidding low and do not use a reserve, to encourage competitive bidding. You can also add a free BuyNow!

Minimum Bid: It is the floor at which bidding begins. Our system cannot accept a bid lower than the minimum bid amount.

Bid Increment: It is the minimum amount you can bid above the current bid price. A bidder can place a bid amount that is equal to or greater than the bid increment , just not less than the bid increment.

Reserve: It is the minimum dollar amount a Seller is willing to accept for an auction. This amount is not disclosed on the Web site, but bidders are notified once the reserve price has been met. Auctions with no reserve price are labeled as “No Reserve” on the auction listing.

BuyNow: In an auction with the BuyNow option, you can bid on the item one of two ways:

  1. If you are willing to offer the BuyNow price before the first bid comes in, you win the item immediately and the auction ends.
  2. If you place a bid first instead of offering the BuyNow price, the BuyNow option disappears. Then the auction proceeds as a regular online auction.

A Buyer's Premium is a fee that is charged to the buyer to have the buyer cover the seller’s Auction Completion Fee.  It is a seller’s responsibility to add this fee to the winning bid amount and to ensure that it’s included in the total purchase price paid by the buyer to the seller. The buyer’s premium percentage is indicated on the auction listing and displayed during the bid process.

Click Here for Tips on Choosing Effective Financial Terms

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Payment Methods

Please check the boxes of all payment methods that you will accept for the settlement of this asset. Make sure that you discuss your settlement terms in your asset description as well.

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Credit Card Information

Please enter information for a valid credit card. This credit card will be billed for fees relating to this auction.

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Edit or Copy a Previously Listed Asset

*If this is your first time creating an auction, please disregard this option for now.

This tool lets you edit, copy, or resume a previously listed asset.

Edit Current Auctions

You can edit an auction that you have already created, as long as it is on hold, in preview, or is live, but does not yet have any bids. If an auction was created in the Advanced Listing Process, certain fields may not be editable. Auction dates cannot be edited. Once an auction has bids, it cannot be edited. If you find that your auction has major errors, but can no longer be edited, please contact Support Services.

Copy a Previous Auction

If you copy a previously listed auction, the categorization, description, and financial terms from that auction are duplicated in EZ Lister. The picture(s) will not be copied, but can be uploaded again. You can still edit all of the information throughout the process, without affecting the previous auction. This option is a huge time-saver for sellers who repeat much of their information or use a common auction template.

Resume Creation of an Auction

If you started creating an auction in the EZ Lister, but did not complete it, you can resume creation of the auction by clicking on the “Resume” link. This will only work if you are resuming the auction on the same computer that you previously started it on.

NOTE: EZ Lister will timeout and automatically log you off without notice after 30 minutes, so click the “Save & Preview” button periodically to save your work.

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If you need further assistance, please contact your Account Manager or email Customer Service at [email protected].