43.51 Carat Fancy Intense Yellow Internally Flawless Diamond
Item Description

On May 13, 2009, the United States Marshals Service, Northern District of Ohio Office (USMS) took custody of a 43.51 carat Flawless Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. The USMS had the diamond appraised by a certified professional gemological appraiser to provide a description and determine the value of the diamond. The USMS also researched the provenance to determine authenticity of the diamond. Based on the research and findings the USMS has determined the following:

  • NO Mine source origin and cannot associate the diamond with any specific mine.
  • NO United Nation resolution sanctions or Kimberley Process claims relating to the diamond.
  • NO International government claims or encumbrances relating to this diamond.
  • NO relationship or connection to the “Greater Star of Africa” diamond, “Du Toit” diamond or any other known famous historic diamond.


  • Length - 25.70mm
  • Width - 18.11mm (1.42 length to width ratio)
  • Depth - 10.78mm

Cut - Fair

  • Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut
  • Brilliant cut crown (25 facets)
  • Brilliant cut pavilion (24 facets)
  • Very Thin to Extremely Thick faceted girdle
  • Table - 72.88%, Depth - 59.5%
  • Symmetry - Fair, Polish - Good

Color - Fancy Intense Yellow

  • Fluorescence - Faint, milky yellowish White (lw)
  • Distribution - Very Even, no visible zoning

Clarity - Internally Flawless (IF)

Texture - Crystal, very very slight internal graining, moderate stress

Enhancements - None

Certification - GIA-GTL Colored Diamond Grading Report #15154097/Bar Code 210511555920, dated June 8, 2011.

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This is pursuant to a Final Order of Forfeiture dated March 11, 2011.

A Master Gemologist Appraiser has thoroughly researched the provenance of this diamond; reviewing all available documents regarding known stolen historic diamonds. At this time there is no evidence that links this diamond to any known stolen or missing diamonds in the United States or abroad.

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