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Bid4Assets is one of the most successful online real estate auction websites, having sold over 81,000 properties since the company's founding in 1999. Bid4Assets offers hundreds of single and multi-family home auctions, developed and raw land auctions, and commercial property auctions on below market value real estate. Bid4Assets also hosts government auctions of seized real estate for the Department of the Treasury. Bid4Assets manages the online tax sale auctions for numerous counties nationwide. New county tax sales for 2012 include Yolo County and Yuba County, both in California.

Bid4Assets' sellers bring real estate to our platform from all around the United States. We host online real estate auctions in states like Michigan, California and Florida, among many other states. Our unique "$1, No Reserve" property auctions provide sellers with an effective option for selling real estate quickly for the highest amount the market will bear.