(Starting Bid-$1) Close to Flint Downtown and Uni. of Michigan

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Houses same size to this one are listed from $45,000 to $95,000 as shown in screenshot from realtor.com. May be a great opportunity for investors.

House is located close to many restaurants, bars, churches, Universities and Downtown.

About Flint:
Flint is the principal city in Mid-Michigan , 66 miles northwest of Detroit. Flint is also home to University of Michigan campus, Kettering University, Mott College, and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Flint has seen recent development due to influx of younger population, college students, and new restaurants and bars. Many Flint natives have played basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA), NCAA Division 1 or European professional basketball. NBA champion Glen Rice, Eddie Robinson and three-time NBA champion JaVale McGee, and Los Angeles Lakers's Kyle Kuzma all hail from Flint, as do Morris Peterson, Mateen Cleaves, and Charlie Bell (four of the five starters from Michigan State University's "Flintstones" 2000 National Championship team). Local teacher and independent film maker Marcus Davenport chronicles Flint's ties to basketball and the basketball culture in his documentary Flint Star: The Motion Picture. Will Ferrell's 2008 movie Semi-Pro is based on the fictional basketball team the "Flint Tropics".

Selling “As-is”:
The seller owns the property outright. This bid is for 100% of the purchase price of the property. There are no past due property taxes from 2021. The seller has a clear title with no liens or mortgages. However, that should not be considered as a warranty from the Seller and the bidders should do their due diligence before placing a bid. The seller will issue a quitclaim deed.

The seller is selling “As-is” and has not done any inspection of the property. House should not be considered move-in ready. House may need a lot of work. House is Vacant.

Property Details:
Address: 4202 BRUNSWICK AVE, Flint, MI 48505
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
House Area: 716 Sq Ft
Lot Size: 3920 Sq ft
Owner: Acres Investments LLC (An Indiana LLC)
Real Estate Type: Single Family House
Parcel ID: 41-30-109-026
County: Genesee
Past Due Taxes: $Zero

Buyer pays = Winning bid +$500 for document processing + 10% of purchase winning bid as buyer premium ($100 minimum).

Property Taxes
No past due property taxes from 2021. Property Taxes will be due in summer 2022.

Mode of Payment
Mode of payment is wire transfer. No credit card payments.