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The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office of San Mateo County, California is offering 102 tax defaulted properties for auction online.

Auction Dates

Starts: August 8, 2015 at 11:00 AM ET (8:00 AM PT)

Ends: August 11, 2015*

*Closing times vary; check listings for details.

Bids start as low as $1,500
These are all NO RESERVE auctions! Preview now!


For questions about the auction and the bidding process, please contact [email protected]

Additional county information can be obtained through the San Mateo County website.

After reviewing the online information and resources, if you have additional questions about the auction properties, please contact the San Mateo County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department at [email protected]

To search for property by APN number, please use our search feature located on the right hand side of this page.

Deposit Requirements

A single $1,500 deposit (plus a $35 processing fee) is required to participate in the San Mateo County Tax Sale. Your deposit must be received by Bid4Assets NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM ET (1:00 PM PT) Tuesday, August 4th. Please make your deposit well in advance of the auction in order to ensure your eligibility to bid.


Research and Inspect Thoroughly Before You Bid
Prospective purchasers are urged to examine the title, location and desirability of the properties available to their own satisfaction prior to the sale.

Properties are sold "AS IS"
The sale of these properties should not, in any way, be equated to real estate sales by licensed salespeople, brokers or realtors. The County of San Mateo makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, relative to the title, location or condition of the properties for sale. Property taxes currently due will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.

Important Disclaimer
The County of San Mateo is not liable for the failure of any device that is not owned, operated, and managed by the state or county, that prevents a person from participating in any sale. A “device” includes, but is not limited to, computer hardware, a computer network, a computer software application, or a computer web site. The County of San Mateo assumes no liability for any other possible liens, encumbrances or easements, recorded or not recorded.

Please Note
Prospective purchasers are advised that some bonds and/or assessments levied by agencies or offices, other than the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department, may still be outstanding after the tax sale and that the Internal Revenue Service has the option of redeeming, within 120 days after the sale, any property on which there is an I.R.S. lien recorded.


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By APN#:

Please remember to enter all of the digits of the APN number including all dashes. If you do not have the full APN number, please download the spreadsheet located below or contact the county.

By Auction ID#:

By Keyword:

  General Tax Sale Information
  California Law Regarding Bidder Non-Payment
  County Terms Of Sale
  California Revenue & Taxation Code 3712
  Property List (Excel) - updated 7/20/15 @ 3P ET
  Property List (PDF) - updated 7/20/15 @ 3P ET

   APN's 005-041-260 thru 015-010-450 - Closing at 12:30 PM ET (9:30 AM PT)
   APN's 015-010-480 thru 037-255-270 - Closing at 12:45 PM ET (9:45 AM PT)
   APN's 037-257-090 thru 043-010-670 - Closing at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)
   APN's 043-010-680 thru 043-241-020 - Closing at 1:15 PM ET (10:15 AM PT)
   APN's 043-241-030 thru 048-085-700 - Closing at 1:30 PM ET (10:30 AM PT)
   APN's 048-093-040 thru 056-033-070 - Closing at 1:45 PM ET (10:45 AM PT)
   APN's 062-035-180 thru 063-532-450 - Closing at 2:00 PM ET (11:00 AM PT)
   APN's 063-551-380 thru 065-146-060 - Closing at 2:15 PM ET (11:15 AM PT)
   APN's 067-096-030 thru 083-042-090 - Closing at 2:30 PM ET (11:30 AM PT)
   APN's 083-042-110 thru 091-025-010 - Closing at 2:45 PM ET (11:45 AM PT)
   APN's 091-034-080 thru 112-190-010 - Closing at 3:00 PM ET (12:00 PM PT)