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Meet Bid4Assets’ latest creation to make finding and buying real estate more convenient than ever: Asset Hound! Tell our loyal data dog what types of properties you want in what markets and at what price points, then he’ll track them down for you.

How does it work?

  • Blue Paw
    Create “rules” on the property you want:
    type, location, price range and other details
  • Orange Paw
    Asset Hound creates a custom landing page for
    your results and emails you weekly matches
  • Blue Paw
    Most property on Bid4Assets is from the government,
    attorneys and specialty funds: these are off-market
    properties only available on Bid4Assets

Asset Hound is completely FREE and only sends
you matches that meet your criteria!

To create your Asset Hound profile, CLICK HERE and log in.

Watch the video below on how to create Asset Hound rules and start receiving alerts within days!