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Since learning about Bid4Assets, I have purchased 9.5 acres in Texas and a 1-acre building site in the Arizona mountains.

I truly enjoy buying on Bid4Assets. It is nice and easy with straight forward deals. Thanks for being there to help me build my wealth and meet good businesspeople!

John T.

When my realtors could not sell my vacant lots and acreage, Bid4Assets stepped in to quickly liquidate them efficiently and hassle-free.

Arnold L.

My first time bidding I had questions placed by email and phone. I was so impressed by how organized, responsive and professional the Bid4Assets team was.

It is always a pleasure to do business with this well-run organization.

Cynthia K.

In May 2003 I bought 39 fairly flat, somewhat dumped upon acres for $25,976 in a County Tax Sale auction through Bid4Assets.

I sold it in August 2005 for $445,000. The realtor’s 10% commission alone was far more than the original price of the property! In the same auction I got 10 acres for $5,118 which I sold two years later, without a realtor, for $75,000.

Kat M.

Every communication I have had with Bid4Assets has been a positive experience.

They are quick to respond and very helpful. I appreciate all the assistance!

Tricia B.

Bid4Assets kept me informed on the progress of my auction deposit every step of the way.

I called for clarification on the auction process, I was very pleased with the way it was handled. They are doing an incredible service!

David L.