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County Government Auctions

County Government Auctions


Has your county considered taking your tax deed sale or surplus property auction online? Bid4Assets has helped over 100 counties across the United States generate over $1 billion in proceeds over the last 20 years. Our auction platform empowers counties to:

  • Reach a nationwide audience of over 850,000 registered bidders
  • Generate greater county proceeds and return a higher percentage of parcels to the tax rolls.
  • Streamline the auction process and bring transparency to bidders
  • Free up your county staff to focus on what they do best

Best of all, Bid4Assets has a model that makes its services
completely free to counties

Hear the story of how Bid4Assets helped the Nye County 
Treasurer's Office raise over $1.8 Million
in their first online tax sale.

STUDY: Mason County, WA Tax Sale

Whether you have less than 10 properties or a batch of 22,000,
the Bid4Assets platform has a solution for you.

Contact us so we can show you how to give your tax-defaulted or surplus properties a boost!

Email [email protected] to schedule a free demo.