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Lake County, CA: APN: 004-029-330-000

Seller Name: Lake County
Rating: Not Applicable
Location: 5880 LAKESHORE BLVD
Lakeport, CA,CA
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Asset was sold for $722,000

Asset Information

Item Specifics - Parcel Information
Parcel Information
APN 004-029-330-000
Legal Description Click Here
Lakeport, CA,CA
Acreage 104
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Add'l Information
  • The 2013/14 secured taxes are not included in the Minimum Bid. Click Here to view tax bill
  • Formerly portion of 004-029-270-000
  • Approximately 1200 feet of prime lake frontage plus a large lagoon.
Assessed Values
Exemptions $0.00
Fixtures $0.00
Improvements $0.00
Land Value $2,606,927.00
Total Assessed Values $2,606,927.00
All Seller-Related Due Diligence

The due diligence items below apply to all related auctions from this seller.

Bidding Requirements

To bid on this auction, all bidders are required to become qualified by placing a deposit. The deposit of the winning bidder is automatically transferred to the seller at the end of the auction. If the winning bidder fails to perform on any auction, the entire BidDeposit will be forfeited to the seller. Non-winning bidder deposit refunds are mailed within ten (10) business days after the close of the auction. This deposit cannot be applied to other auctions. To find out more about the BidDeposit requirement, click here.

Settlement Requirements

Full payment must be received by Bid4Assets no later than 4:00 PM ET (1:00 PM PT), May 6, 2014 (within seven business days of the close of the auction). If the payment policy is not adhered to, the winning bidder will forfeit their deposit and may be banned from future sales.

A $35 per-parcel-won administrative fee will be added to the final Sale Price. Also a California documentary transfer tax will be added to, and collected with, the full purchase price. This tax is calculated at the rate of $.55 for each $500.00 or fractional part thereof.


Execute a Deferred Payment Agreement with the Lake County Tax Collector.

  • Balance due of the Winning Bid minus the bid deposit of $25,000, plus the documentary transfer tax paid to the Lake County Tax Collector by 5:00 p.m. (PST) on Friday, June 27, 2014.
  • A Tax Deed to the successful bidder to transfer title will not be recorded until the total bid price plus the Documentary Transfer Tax is received.

    Certified funds only. No personal checks or credit card payments will be accepted.

    The purchase must be paid in full on or before the deadline to complete a deferred-payment agreement purchase. If the purchaser fails to pay the full amount by the deadline, the deposit and all rights to the property are forfeited.

    Payment Type
    • Certified/Cashier's Check
    • Wire Transfer