During the Auction

Who can buy and sell on Bid4Assets?

Any person capable of forming legally binding relations under applicable law and who owns a valid credit card with a U.S or Canadian mailing address can buy on Bid4Assets. Any person who is the rightful owner, or authorized by the owners of a property, a court of law, or through power of attorney to sell can list on Bid4Assets.

The Bid4Assets seller community includes a mix of Federal, State, and Local government agencies; and private sellers. Bid4Assets is committed to providing a secure environment for all of our customers and authorizes all Sellers through an ID Verify process.

How long is an auction?

It's up to the seller. A typical auction lasts between 3 and 7 days, with an optional Preview period. The maximum time an auction can appear on the site is 18 days. Note: During the Preview Period bidders can view the auction listing and the due diligence included in the “additional information” tab, but they are unable to place bids. Note: Government auction may appear on the site longer.

What kind of assets are sold?

Bid4Assets sellers conduct auctions for high-value real estate and personal property including jewelry, art, collectibles, coins, computers, cars and vehicles, sports equipment and financial instruments.

Are any items prohibited?

Yes. We prohibit listing firearms, tobacco, alcohol, pornographic materials or any other type of item we find inappropriate, including all items or assets prohibited by law. Click here to view our Terms of Service.

How do I know the seller is reputable?

All sellers on Bid4Assets are authorized through an ID Verify process provided by Verid Identity Verification and include icon on their auction listing page. Seller ID Verify significantly decreases Internet fraud and our buyers are assured they are doing business with sellers who are who they say they are.

Buyers and sellers are bound by the Terms of Service agreed to when they signed up on Bid4Assets. Please refer to the Terms of Service for responsibilities of each party. We also require that bidders conduct due diligence research and ask any questions prior to placing bids; including verifying the information provided about the asset by the seller and asking questions to the seller. For information on the seller’s history on Bid4Assets, you can access seller rating details for the past 7 days, past month and past 3 months by clicking on the number of feedback submissions next to the seller rating.

How do I find assets/auctions in a specific location?

You can search for listings using the power search feature located in the header of each page.

Why am I unable to view the additional details?

To view information listed under “Additional details”, you must first install Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, visit their Web site at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html. Often our government clients require that only users who have signed up view the information included in the “Additional Details” section of their auctions. For these auctions, you will be required to input a valid Bid4Assets username and password before accessing the information. Click here to sign up now!

Can I contact the seller during the auction?

Yes. You may forward questions to the seller by clicking on the link “Ask Seller a Question” located in the Seller Information box on the auction listing page.

What are seller ratings and what do the stars mean?

After the close of an auction, Bid4Assets encourages the winning bidder to “Rate the Seller” and their auction experience using a scale of 1 to 5 (one being very dissatisfied and five being very satisfied). The feedback is based on three criteria:

  1. Product Quality/Value
  2. Communication
  3. Ease of Transaction

Seller ratings are based on a 5-star system and appear next to the seller’s username on the auction listing page. The total number of feedback submissions appears in parenthesis. A seller rating is displayed in half-star increments and is the average of all feedback submissions they’ve received. Sellers with no “Rate the Seller” feedback from winning bidders will have either “Pending” (seller has sold item(s) and buyer has not completed the rating process) or “Not Yet Rated” (seller has not sold any items) appearing in place of the stars. Interested customers can view a seller’s past rating details by clicking on the submissions feedback number next to the seller rating.