Fees & Billing

Is there a cost to register?

No. Registration is free on Bid4Assets.

Does Bid4Assets charge an Auction Completion Fee to buyers?

No, Bid4Assets does not charge buyers an Auction Completion Fee. A Buyer’s Premium is an optional fee sellers can add to the winning bid amount of an auction to cover costs associated with their auction. The Buyer’s Premium percentage is indicated on the auction listing and included in the total purchase price paid by the Buyer to the Seller. The fee is usually 10%, however some other fees may apply if they are specified by the seller.

What is a Non Performing Bidder (NPB) Penalty Fee?

If you are the winning bidder on an auction and you do not complete the sale based on the Terms of Service you will be charged a NPB Penalty of $250 on real estate auctions and $100 on all other auction categories.