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Access assets from government and private industry in one convenient location. Assets for auction include real estate, vehicles, computers, jewelry, coins, timeshares, equipment, government seized assets and more.

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BidDepositTM Services for Government Sellers

Bid4Assets offers Government Sellers the option of requiring bidders to make a BidDeposit prior to placing a bid on an action. Once a BidDeposit is made for an auction, the bidder is designated as an Authorized Bidder for that auction. Following the auction, the Seller will receive the deposit from the winning bidder as a purchase deposit payment for the asset. If the winning bidder fails to settle, the seller is entitled to the amount of the required deposit. BidDeposits will be returned to all other bidders. To make a deposit, or learn more about BidDeposit procedures, click here.

Bid Types

Standard Bidding

Auto Bid
- Auto bid serves as a proxy bid. It is the maximum amount you are willing to bid for an asset. Your bid will increase incrementally as needed up to your maximum bid, which is held confidentially in the system. This will happen only as others bid against you.

BuyNow () - In an auction with the BuyNow option, you can bid on the item one of two ways.

  1. If you are willing to offer the BuyNow price before the first bid comes in, you win the item immediately and the auction ends.
  2. If you place a bid first instead of offering the BuyNow price, the BuyNow option disappears. Then the auction proceeds as a regular online auction.

My Bid4Assets

Track all of your activity in one place. Monitor assets that you have bid on. Create a list of auctions to watch. Update your profile. Access Power Bidding. All in My Bid4Assets.

Credit Card Authorization

When a bidder wins an auction, they have entered into a legally binding agreement. In some instances, winning bidders do not complete the sale in compliance with the auction’s terms and/or Bid4Assets’ Terms of Service. This is called “non-performing” and we take this very seriously.

To minimize non-performance, when you make a bid on any auction not requiring a deposit, Bid4Assets requires that a bidder provide a valid credit card prior to placing a bid. Bid4Assets will confirm that the card is valid but will not charge your card or place a "hold" on funds. The process is free, quick and secure and, if successful, your bid is placed immediately.

“Non-performing bidders” will be charged $250 for a real estate auction and $100 for all other auction categories. Your card will only be charged if you are the winning bidder and do not complete the transaction. If an auction requires a deposit, you will NOT need to provide the credit card information.

Bid4Assets’ site is encrypted to protect your personal information.

Bidding FAQs

For answers to the most common questions about bidding on Bid4Assets, click here.


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  • Auction Completion Fees - Typically, buyers do not pay Auction Completion Fees. However, buyers may be required to pay a buyer's premium. In these cases, the buyer's premium is stated on the asset listing page, in general it ranges from 5 to 10% of the final sales price.

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Rate a Seller

After the close of an auction, the winning bidder can rate the seller and the transaction based on three criteria which include Product Quality/Value, Communication and Ease of Transaction, using a scale of 1 to 5 (one being very dissatisfied and five being very satisfied).

The feedback score will then be incorporated into the seller’s overall rating (based on a 5-star system), which is displayed next to the seller’s username on all of the seller’s auction listings. Until 1 feedback has been submitted, “Pending” or “Not Yet Rated” will appear in place of the stars. You can access seller rating details for the past 7 days, past month and past 3 months by clicking on the number of feedback submissions next to the seller rating.

The winning bidder notification email will include a link to the Feedback Tool where the seller can be rated. The Feedback Tool can also be accessed by the link provided in the Help Section, which can be found in the menu at the bottom of the Web site. For more details, click here to view how the Feedback Tool works.

Jewelry, Coin and Artwork Appraisal & Refund Policies

To enhance the integrity of jewelry, coin and artwork sales on Bid4Assets, we maintain special policies for these sales. These policies are (a) a policy regarding appraisals, grading cards and certificates of authenticity that accompany jewelry, coin and artwork assets posted on the Web site and (b) a jewelry, coin and artwork return policy. Both the Jewelry, Coin and Artwork Appraisal, Grading and Certification Policy and the Jewelry, Coin and Artwork Return and Refund Policy will be automatically posted on all assets within the three categories listed on the site.

Terms of Service

You must agree to the Bid4Assets Terms of Service before you can register and bid. View the Terms of Service now.