County Tax Sale Auctions

Where do I find a schedule of county tax sale auctions?

Go to the County Tax Sale page on our website You will find the schedule of Tax Sale auctions under "Auction Calendar". Signing up for County Tax sale email alerts is the best way to stay informed about the schedule of auctions.

Can international bidders participate in these auctions?

Yes, international residents may participate and bid on county tax sale auctions.

What do I have to do to participate?

First, you must Sign Up on Bid4Assets (Sign Up here). Most counties require a deposit to participate in their online auctions. You must make the deposit before you are able to bid. For counties that don't require a deposit, you must be authorized to bid. (New Bidder Authorization)

How do I make a deposit?

The counties provide options for making a deposit. These options can be found under the section titled "Deposit Requirements". A deadline for sending in your deposit will be clearly listed. Bid4Assets and the counties reserve the right not to accept deposits after the published deadline. We urge you to review the deposit requirements clearly outlined on the individual county pages and plan ahead. The details for making a deposit through each listed option are found by clicking the orange button "Click Here for Deposit Instructions". Then you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Next select the deposit option you'd like to use. Also check the box indicating you agree to the County terms governing the auction.

You will be taken to detailed instructions on how to make a deposit. Read the instructions carefully.

If I do not win a property, when do I get the deposit back?

Yes, your deposit will be mailed to you in the form of a check within (10) ten business days after the end of the auction. Your deposit will be mailed to you automatically. You do not have to request it. You will receive notification when you refund has been mailed.

If I do not win an auction, may I use my deposit to bid on other auctions?

Your deposit may not be applied to another seller's auction.

Do I have to pay back taxes if I win a property?

The amount of back taxes owed is included in the amount of the minimum bid so there will be no additional taxes owed beyond the price of your purchase.

How do I pay for an auction I have won?

After the close of a county tax sale auction event, all winning bidders are sent detailed instructions, via e-mail, on settlement procedures. These instructions include how to provide the county with the necessary deed transfer information.

It is important to read the "Terms of Sale" posted by each county prior to bidding. To find them, scroll down the county auction page to the pink shaded section. There you will find a link titled "Terms of Sale".

What happens if I am the winning bidder and decide not to pay for the property?

If the winning bidder does not follow the payment policy, they will forfeit their deposit to the county and may be banned from future tax sale events. For California counties, consult the information found posted in the pink shaded area on each county's auction page under "California Law Regarding Bidder Non-Payment"