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How to Bid
Only users who have signed up on Bid4Assets can place a bid. Click here to sign up or refer to the Terms of Service for more information.
1. Browse or Search for an Auction

Browse - Select the category that interests you. Browse auctions by clicking on the categories located under the Categories bar.
For a more targeted approach, we encourage you to use the Search function.

Search - Locate auctions by using the search box located at the top of the homepage. Enter the type of item you are looking for in the search box. For example:

To find an emerald ring, type "emerald ring" in the search box and click on the Submit button. If you have the Auction Id number available, click on the radio button next to Auction ID# and click on the Submit button.

Advanced Search - You can enhance your search by clicking on the Power Search link located to the right of the Search button. Here you can narrow your search by selecting the appropriate category, subcategory and second level subcategory and also by the location of the asset. Once you have chosen all of the criteria, click on the Search button. To search by auction id, enter the auction id in the search box and click on the Search Auction button.
2. Do Your Homework Before You Bid

When you find an item you're interested in bidding on, make sure you read the entire listing description and any additional information included in the "Additional Details" tab. For real estate, check your Local, County or State Assessor’s Office for property value information.
After reviewing the information provided by the seller in the auction listing, if you have additional questions you can ask the seller directly by using the "Ask Seller a Question" link located in the Seller Information box directly below the asset photo.

Please note: It's important to remember that if you are the winning bidder, you are legally obligated to purchase the item. Make sure you have done all necessary research before placing a bid.
3. Place a BidDeposit

If an auction requires a BidDeposit, the BidDeposit amount and icon appear on the auction listing and the deposit payment options are displayed in the Place Your Bid box (if a deposit is not required, continue to Step 4 Ready To Place a Bid below):

Click the radio button next to the deposit method you want to use and click the Continue button for further instructions.

For more information on placing deposits, click here.

    *Click on the Deposit Method name for additional information on that particular method of payment.

    *Bid4Assets does not charge a fee to place a BidDeposit.

4. Ready to Place a Bid

Bid Type

  1. Auto Bid is the maximum bid you're willing to bid on the auction. Bid4Assets will automatically increase your bid to maintain your high bid position or to meet the reserve price.

    Some auctions include a "BuyNow" option. When a seller selects the BuyNow option, there are two ways the item can sell. If a buyer is willing to meet the BuyNow price before the first bid comes in, the item sells instantly and the auction ends, OR, if a bid comes in first, the BuyNow option disappears and the auction then continues as a regular online auction. To "BuyNow" you must click on the BuyNow icon located to the right of the BuyNow amount.
Placing Your Bid

When you are ready to place a bid, choose a bid type, enter your bid amount in the Bid Amount box and click on the Bid on this item button. You will be prompted to login (or sign up, if you haven't already).

Once you are logged in, if you're a first time bidder you must complete our New Bidder Authorization process.
Making the process of bidding secure

Bid4Assets is determined to eliminate internet fraud on our site and to ensure that bidders who win an auction complete their transaction. As part of this program, Bid4Assets will require a bidder to provide a valid credit card prior to placing a bid. Bid4Assets will confirm that the card is valid but will not charge the card unless the bidder wins an auction but does not complete the transaction. The process is free, quick and secure, and if successful, the bid is placed immediately.

The bidder should verify their bid amount and check the boxes confirming that they've completed their due diligence, understand the Bid4Assets Terms of Service, and agree to abide by the non-performing bidder policy. If a bidder has not entered their credit card information into the system, they'll now be able to do so. If a bidder has already entered at least one credit card into the system, they can select which card they'd like to use. Finally, the bidder can enter their password and click on the "Bid Now" button to complete the bid.

If a winning bidder does not complete a transaction after placing a winning bid, their card will be charged $250 for a real estate auction and $100 for all other auctions.

Please note: Once you have clicked on the Bid Now button, your bid is a binding contract and it cannot be revoked. If your credit card is declined, you will be prompted to check your information and your bid will not be processed. Therefore, first time bidders may want to enter their bid with ample time remaining before an auction closes.
5. Monitor Your Auction

You can manage and monitor auctions you're watching/bidding on via Bid4Assets' auction management center, your My Account page. Take advantage of the numerous tools and make your auction experience on Bid4Assets much easier. One of the main features of your My Account page is My Messages. You will receive notification of auction updates via e-mail in My Messages.

Overtime Bidding

Similar to when an auctioneer continues to take bids until the last bidder bids, B4A's Overtime Bidding keeps bidding open at the end of an auction until there are no further bids for 5 consecutive minutes. Overtime Bidding occurs automatically when a bid is placed within the last few minutes of an auction. The auction will remain open until an entire overtime increment (5 minutes) has passed without any bidding. The overtime increment is indicated on the auction listing.

Auction Closing Tips If you have won an auction you will receive an e-mail from Bid4Assets with seller contact information.  You must coordinate with the seller on payment and item shipping method. Once your item has been received, be sure to leave a Seller Rating. You can access the Seller Rating tool by clicking on the Leave Feedback link in your My Account page.

If you have additional questions about bidding, click here to review our Bidding FAQs.