Guidelines for How to Sell on Bid4Assets
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Gather the information you will need before listing your asset, including:

  • Description and specifications of asset(s).
  • Due diligence information for bidders such as photographs, proof of ownership, appraisal, plat maps, maintenance records, financial statements, etc.

1 Select Sell an Asset

You must be signed up to sell. You will be prompted to login or sign up after you click on Sell an Asset.

2 Select Start

Select the auction listing package that includes the products and services that best meet your needs.

3 Choose the option New Listing

if you are listing the asset for sale.

4 Choose a Channel

and assign your asset to the most appropriate category or sub-category available.

5 Enter Basic Asset Information

Title - To keep our Web site consistent and easy to follow for bidders we require the following standards and formats for auction titles:

Asset Description:

6 Auction Requested Timeline

7 Select Financial Terms

8 Settlement Terms

9 Listing Fees & Options

10 Asset Listing Confirmation

11 Congratulations

If you have questions, please contact Client Services at [email protected]. Our business hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time.

Thank you for your business!