Fees & Billing

Is there a cost to sign up?

No. Sign up is free on Bid4Assets.

Why should I Sign up?

Signing up entitles you to buy, sell and view due diligence for certain auctions. It also gives you access to your My Account page, where you can track auctions and access other personalized features. Signing up on Bid4Assets is free, easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Click here to sign up now.

What are e-mail Alerts?

The best way to be sure you are notified of upcoming auctions and promotions is to sign up for our weekly e-mail alerts. It is very quick and easy to do.

How do I sign up for the alerts?

If you are a user, click on the My Profile link located on the left navigation bar of your My Account page section. After logging in, proceed to the auction alert page and make your selections. If you are not already signed up, click here, and you will be prompted to sign up for our e-mail alert as part of the sign up process.

Is there a cost to sign up for e-mail auction alerts?

No. It is free to sign up and receive notification of upcoming auctions, promotions and special events.

Is there a cost to list an asset?

Bid4Assets charges a flat $10 fee for each listing and the following options are included:

Can I purchase advertising for my auction?

Yes. When you list an auction, you will have an opportunity to select a number of advertising opportunities. Click here for additional information including our advertising fee schedule.

Does Bid4Assets charge a Auction Completion Fee to sellers?

Yes. Bid4Assets Auction Completion Fees are based on the final auction sales price/transaction amount. For all successful auctions, there is an Auction Completion Fee of 10% of the final auction sales price. If no bids are received or the reserve price is not met, no Auction Completion Fee is charged. Our minimum completion fee on real estate is $250. The minimum completion fee on real estate listed in a $1 No Reserve auction is $100. All other successful auction listings have a $100 minimum Auction Completion Fee.

*If your auction has a transaction value greater than $200,000 please contact Support Services at [email protected] for pricing information.

A la carte auction services are available for an additional fee**. E-mail Support Services at [email protected] to access these services.

A la Carte Auction Services
Rush Listings
(release listings within 24 hours)
$25 per auction
Document and Image Preparation
(scanning and re-sizing of up to 3 images and 10 pages of document scanning)
$25 per auction
$1 for each additional page or image
Inspection Appointment Scheduling
(appointment scheduling and tracking for asset inspection)
$50 per auction
Support Services Labor Rate
(includes completion of create auction listing and any other special request)
$75 per hour
2 hour minimum
Custom Database Searches
(for previous auction data including high bid)
$75 per hour
2 hour minimum
Cancel An Auction With No Bids
$50 per auction
Cancel An Auction With Bids
$100 per auction
Edit An Auction With No Bids
$25 per auction
Edit An Auction With Bids
$50 per auction
Restrict Access to Due Diligence
(restrict access to auction listing or due diligence to users who sign a confidentiality agreement)
$100 per auction
(major change)

** a la carte fees are in addition to the fees for the individual listing packages