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USMS: Dallas, TX - Commercial Property Known As Firewater Bar & Grill

Seller Name: USM
Rating: Not Applicable
Location: 10261 Technology Blvd. East
Dallas, TX 75220
United States
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Asset Information

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Other Properties
Address 10261 Technology Blvd. East
Dallas, TX 75220
United States
County Dallas County
Zoning Commercial
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Bidding Requirements

To bid on this auction, all bidders are required to become qualified by placing a deposit. The deposit of the winning bidder is automatically transferred to the seller at the end of the auction. If the winning bidder fails to perform on any auction, the entire BidDeposit will be forfeited to the seller. Non-winning bidders' deposits are refunded within (10) ten business days after the close of the auction. This deposit cannot be applied to other auctions. To find out more about the BidDeposit requirement, click here.

Additional Terms of Service

Sold by the U.S. Marshals Service, which reserves the right to refuse any bid for any reason. Please see the document "General Terms of Sale" found in the due diligence area for further information. Bidders should conduct their own due diligence to determine value.

The assets offered for sale by the United States Marshals Service are either seized by and/or forfeited to the United States under federal forfeiture laws. All Buyers of these assets must understand that the United States, and/or its agencies, agents, officers, employees, and/or assigns (hereinafter referred to as "Seller") has acquired the subject property through seizure and/or forfeiture, and has little or no direct knowledge concerning the title, nature, value, source, authenticity and/or any other aspect or characteristics of these assets.

THEREFORE, the Seller offers these assets for sale in "AS IS" CONDITION AT THE TIME OF SALE OR CLOSING, INCLUDING ANY HIDDEN DEFECTS OF ANY NATURE, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, with no representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever, express or implied, regarding their nature, value, source, authenticity, fitness, merchantability, and/or any other aspect or characteristic of these assets. No statement anywhere, whether express or implied, shall be deemed a warranty or representation by the Seller regarding these assets. All sales are with the understanding that the buyer cannot rely on any other representation, warranty or guaranty made by anyone.

All information derived from third party sources, including but not limited to appraisals, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

All buyers are deemed to have relied entirely on their own information, judgments and inspections of the assets in making the decision to purchase the asset.

In addition, all Buyers must agree to release and hold harmless the Seller from any and all demands, rights and causes of action, arising from, or to arise from, or by reason of, the Government's seizure, forfeiture, ownership, possession, management, use, sale and/or transfer of these assets.

Inspection Details

This property will be available for inspection one time only on Monday, February 1st, 2010, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM CT. Prospective bidders wishing to inspect this property must send their request to [email protected] (please include name, telephone number, requested appointment time, and reference auction ID # 435877). Prospective bidders wishing to inspect this property must also complete the "Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement" located under the Additional Details tab above. Appointments must be scheduled before 12:00 p.m. ET on January 29th. Prospective bidders will not be admitted onto the property without a scheduled appointment and signed waiver agreement. Inspection will take place BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Settlement Requirements

The successful bidder has 24 hours following the close of the auction to sign a Purchase Agreement. The successful bidder has 30 calendar days to complete the transaction by certified check to the U.S. Marshals Service. If the successful bidder does not perform, the bidder will forfeit his/her/its BidDeposit to the U.S. Marshals Service. The successful bidder will be required to cover any closing costs.

Buyers’ agents are welcome and will be compensated if they represent the winning bidder. To participate as a buyer’s agent, you must be registered with Bid4Assets for this auction. To download registration forms, click here.

For assistance, please contact Bid4Assets’ Customer Service team at [email protected] or 877-4ASSETS (427-7387). Questions from buyers’ agents should be sent to [email protected]

Payment Type
  • Certified/Cashier's Check