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Fees & Billing

Fee Guide

What does a Bid4Assets account cost?

Nothing. Registration is free and there are no monthly fees to maintain your Bid4Assets account.

What does Bid4Assets charge me after I win the auction?

Nothing. Bid4Assets collects 10% of the winning bid with a $500 minimum for all real estate auctions from the auction’s seller. Seller’s may choose to include that charge as part of their auction in the form of a buyer’s premium. Please review the terms of all auctions carefully prior to bidding.

Will I be charged a fee if I win an auction but do not submit payment?

Yes. If you are the winning bidder for a private auction and do not complete payment for the sale, you will be charged a $250 non-performing bid fee. For government auctions, you will forfeit the deposit you place on file prior to the auction opening.