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This Week on Bid4Assets- Week of April 6th

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It’s another Monday at Bid4Assets and we’re here with a brand-new summary of tax sales. Due to the current pandemic, several tax sales have been delayed or otherwise postponed, so we’re showing you four new tax upcoming tax sales to prepare for.

If you’re wondering about new dates for auctions you’ve had on your radar, please refer to the tax sale calendar for our most up-to-date schedule.

Let’s dive into this week’s selections…

Riverside County

Riverside County CA will host a tax sale April 30th – May 5th on over 800 tax-defaulted properties. This no reserve auction requires a single $2,500 registration fee and bids will begin at $100. This auction presented by the Riverside County tax department with a full property list available for inspection now via the link above.

Riverside county is located in Southern CA and is the 4th most populous in the state, serving as county seat to Riverside and portions of the San Bernardino and LA-Long Beach area. Riverside is home to 2 million residents, a Mediterranean climate, the Joshua Tree national park and is one of the fastest growing regions of the state.

Registration for this auction closes on April 27th at 4pm EST.

Sierra County

The Sierra County CA tax sale will take place May 1st - 4th on a single parcel. This no reserve auction requires a single $2,500 registration fee and the starting bid is $8,600. Frequently asked questions and county terms of sale are currently available in the link above.

Sierra county is a northern California county, the second least populous in the state serving as the county seat Downieville. Part of the Sierra Nevada region, the county is in close proximity to Nevada and Sacramento.

Registration for this auction closes on April 27th at 4pm EST.

Yolo County

Yolo County CA will offer 27 parcels for auction between May 8h – May 11th with starting bids as low as $4,414. This will be a no reserve auction with a single $5,000 registration fee. Properties available include parcels in Woodland, West Sacramento, Madison and Clarksburg, among others. Minimum bids start at just a fraction of the assessment, including a $448,117 property with a starting bid of $11,403.

Yolo County is a northern California county. Woodland is the county seat of Yolo, which is part of the greater Sacramento metro area. Yolo is home to California’s tomato production region and close to the fast-growing Sacramento area.

Registration for this auction closes on May 4th at 4pm EST.

Modoc County

Modo Count is hosting a tax sale May 15-18th with over 260 no reserve parcels available starting as low as just $288. This auction requires a single $500 registration fee and bids will begin at $100. Review full property lists at the link above for addresses, assessed values and more. Parcels are located in Alturas, Newell, Tionesta, and more.

Modoc County is located in the upper East corner of California bordering Nevada and Oregon. Much of Modoc county is federal land as the county is one of the least populous in the state.

Registration for this auction closes on May 11th at 4pm EST.

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