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This Week on Bid4Assets-Week of December 2nd

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Hello Investors!

We hope your holiday was wonderful and that you had your fair share of turkey over the weekend. It’s time to complete registrations for this month’s tax sales. As we prepare to round out the year with our final tax sales of the season, we have several quickly approaching deadlines, including two today.

This series of tax sales will include hundreds of online investment opportunities. There is a ton to cover so let’s jump right into it!  

Franklin County

Registration is due Dec. 2nd at 4pm EST with a single $1,000 deposit.

Franklin County is hosting a no reserve auction on 14 parcels starting at just $1,785. Lots measure from 0.09 acres to 7.7 acres in the cities of Pasco, Connell, Eltopia and Kahlotus. Lots include subdivisions and residential areas that make for great investment property.

Franklin county Washington is located in the southeastern part of the state near Kennewick-Richland and is one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation.

Auction opens on December 6th at 11am EST.

Skagit County

Registration is due on Dec 2nd at 4pm EST with a single $500 deposit.

Skagit County is offering 20 tax foreclosed properties in a no reserve auction this month. Bids on available lots will begin at $1,154. Bid on investment properties in Mount Vernon, Concrete, Marblemount and others. Featured properties include an offering assessed at $709,000 starting at just $38,294 and a $134,000 property with a starting bid of $6,505.

Thurston County is located in the western part of the state and is home to the city of Olympia, 60 miles southwest of Seattle. Thurston is home to many tourist attractions, neighborhoods and businesses.

Auction opens on December 6th at 12pm EST.

Spokane County

Registration is due on Dec 3rd at 4pm EST with a single $2,000 deposit.

The Spokane County treasurer is auctioning off 82 tax-foreclosed properties. Bids begin at just $2,130. Properties available at auction include single family properties of various acreage throughout the cities of Spokane, Medical Lake, and Cheney. Investors will find both vacant lots and single family properties available in this tax sale.

Spokane County is home to Spokane, WA, the second-largest city in the state after Seattle and home to many historical and cultural locations. The county rests adjacent to the Rockies, Selkirk Mountains and Spokane River.

Auction opens on December 9th at 11am EST.

Douglas County

Registration is due on Dec 4th at 4pm EST with a single $1,000 deposit.

The Douglas County tax sale consists of 13 parcels with starting bids of $1,078 and no reserve. These properties include lots in Rimrock Meadows, Chelan Hills, Bridgeport and more. Acreage measures from 0.05 acres to over 32 acres. Featured parcels include a half a million dollar lots with starting bids of $25,000 and a $253,000 property starting at just $3,471.

Douglas County is located in central Washington state and has a quaint population of 38,000. The county is part of the Wenatchee metropolitan area, known as the Apple Capital of the World.

Auction opens on December 11th at 12pm EST.