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This Week on Bid4Assets- Week of December 23rd

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Good afternoon Investors!

We’ve had a wonderful year sharing incredible investment opportunities with you and presenting you with ways to find new ones. As we dive into the holiday season, here’s a special reminder to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates at the following links:

If you missed Asset Hound – our new tool that delivers personalized investments to your inbox, read on below and activate the tool before the New Year!

Launch Your 2020 Acquisitions with Asset Hound!

Asset Hound is Bid4Assets’ latest creation that makes it easy to find and buy the kind of real estate you’re looking for. We’re excited to introduce you to this game-changing tool that will allow us to present investors like yourself with the best-fit investment opportunities.

Asset Hound is a free tool that will save you time and effort in researching available investment properties. Tell the loyal data dog, Asset Hound, what types of properties (based on info like markets, price points and more) and he’ll track them down for you.

Ready to find your matches? Simply

  • Visit the Asset Hound link above.
  • Create “rules” for your matches: based on criteria like type, location, price range, etc.
  • View your personalized landing page to assess matches based on current inventory.

Asset Hound email you once a week with new matches! The investment assistant you always needed but never had is finally here.

Check out this handy video to see the new tool in action below.

That’s all for this week! Thank you for participating in this year’s auctions. From our team to you: have a wonderful holiday as well as a safe and happy new year!