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This Week on Bid4Assets- Week of January 13th

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Hello Investors!

We hope you are having a lovely Monday. We’re dedicating this post to several upcoming tax sales that are full of attractive investment opportunities. With properties throughout the states of California and Washington, there’s something for every investor. Bid4Assets makes it easy to bid on your next property from anywhere in the world with a consistent internet connection, so be sure to take note of relevant registration dates for the tax sales below.

In addition to finding new properties, we’d also like to remind you to sign up for Asset Hound, our new virtual investment assistant that launched last month. We’ve made it easy to receive hand-delivered investment listings that fit what you’re looking for. Learn more below.

Asset Hound

Asset Hound is the latest creation from Bid4Assets, and thousands have already used it to find their ideal investment property. It’s a simple virtual “data dog” that you “train” to find specific kinds of listings by indicating what you’re looking for based on location, budgets, type, etc. Asset Hound then instantly “sniffs out” new listings and generates property lists based on your interests. It will also bring property lists straight to your inbox once a week on a day of your choosing.

It’s a simple process that saves you time. You can update your preferences at any moment. Did we mention this service is completely free? Claim your personal assistant today by following the steps below:

  1. Visit Asset Hound on our website.
  2. Create your own “rules” for the property you have in mind: select criteria based on type, location, price range, and other details.
  3. View your personalized landing page to assess matches based on current inventory.

Your next property purchase is right around the corner. Don’t miss a single investment opportunity ever again.

Tax Sale Deposits Due

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara county is auctioning off several government-owned properties January 17-21 with deposits due Jan. 14th by 4pm EST. A single $5,000 registration fee is due at registration and bids will being at $396,000. Information on registration and terms of sale are available at the link above. Property lists will be made available at a later date.

The following three California counties have upcoming tax sales with registrations due on Jan. 21st at 4pm.

Calaveras County is offering six parcels at no reserve. Bidding starts at $4,400 and a single registration fee of $2,000 is required as a deposit. The actual auction will take place Jan. 24-27th. Calaveras County is a Northern California gem in Gold country and the High Sierra region, home to giant sequoia trees, and San Andreas.

Merced County is auctioning off local property starting at just $692 with no reserve. The Merced county deposit is $2,500. This tax ssale is also taking place Jan. 24-27th. Merced County is located north of Fresno, CA, home to over 250,000 people.

Nevada County is offering 17 tax-defaulted properties at no reserve. Bis will start at $2,500 and a single deposit of $2,500 is due at registration. Nevada County is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California, a modest drive from Sacramento.

Lewis County, WA

Lewis County in Washington state is hosting a tax sale On January 23rd for a number of properties. Deposits are due Jan. 15th by 4pm EST. This will be a no reserve auction with a single $1,221 deposit due at the time of registration. Information on registration and terms of sale are available at the link above. Property lists will be made available at a later date. Lewis County is located just south of Olympia and is included in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.

Visit regularly to view the complete list of offerings or cut down on a few browser trips by signing up for Asset Hound!

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As always, mark your calendars and we’ll see you next Monday for an all-new selection of auctions.