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This Week on Bid4Assets- Week of May 26

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Good Morning Investors,

Hopefully you had an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend. Most importantly, we hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to find some new properties to add to your investment portfolio! We want to direct you to some exciting and fast-approaching tax sales that are headed your way this week. This includes two locations that are making their online debut with Bid4Assets and we want to really welcome them by making this an active and engaged week for tax sales.

We also have a ton of new sales and private auctions awaiting you in the full calendar listed on our site. For a quick preview of what’s happening this week at Bid4Assets, take a look at this week’s highlights below!

Iron County

Utah’s first-ever online tax sale will open for bidding on Bid4Assets May 28th and includes over 125 tax delinquent parcels starting as low as $352. This is a wonderful tax sale for those interested in purchasing land. Highlights from this sale include:

  • 131 acres starting at $1,432
  • an 80-acre plot starting at $1,024
  • 80 acres of vacant land with structures in Beryl Newcastle with a minimum bid of $2,664
  • a single-family property in over 9 Acres with a starting bid of $8,000
  • a single-family home starting at $2,787
  • a multi-family residence in Cedar going for $11,127

Iron County is located in southwestern Utah, a part of the greater Cedar City area. Its county seat is Parawon, an area known for recreation centers, a ski resort and various events, such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Iron County has a population of approximately 50,000.

Don’t forget, mark this on your calendar: bidding begins at 12pm EST. (Deposits for this tax sale were due May 20th. Bid4Assets is now accepting wire transfer deposits only for this sale.)

Nye County

Nye County Nevada is joining Bid4Assets with its first online tax sale from May 31st to June 3rd. And they are making their debut memorable – over 600 parcels will be up available at this auction! Bids will begin as low as $427 with no reserve.

A complete property list will full addresses can be found at the link above. Parcels are located in the cities of Tonopah, Manhattan, Belmont, Hadley, and more. You will find a range of land parcels at just a fraction of an acre, making it easy to grab several land plots close together, or you can opt for a larger plot, as sites available measure up to several acres.

Nye County is the 3rd largest county in the US with a wealth of beautiful land and natural resources. Fun fact: there are no incorporated cities in Nye county. It’s located about a four-hour drive north of Las Vegas.

A single $500 refundable deposit for this auction is due May 29th at 4pm EST.

Yolo County

The Yolo County auction was postponed until June 26-29 and is still accepting deposits. Twenty-seven parcels are available at no reserve starting as low as $4,414.

Visit the link above for detailed information on each parcel including addresses, land and total assessed value and starting bids.

A single $5,000 refundable deposit for this auction is due June 22nd at 4pm EST.

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We’ll see you back here next week!