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This Week on Bid4Assets- Week of May 4th

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Greeting Investors,

It’s a brand-new week here at Bid4Assets and that means we have a new lineup of tax sales for your review. This week includes a new location we are so excited to present to you – Iron County Utah! Not only is this their first auction with us, it’s also the first online tax sale in Utah history. How’s that for big news?

Along with our Utah sale, we have reminders for some tantalizing opportunities in Washington state and California that are quickly approaching, with deposits due later today. So grab a seat and check out this week’s top picks.

Iron County

Iron County Utah is hosting its first-ever online tax sale and we are proud to welcome them to Bid4Assets! The sale will run May 28th and include over 125 tax delinquent parcels. Bidding will start as low as $352. This is a wonderful tax sale for those interested in purchasing land.

Included in this sale is 131 acres starting at $1,432, an 80-acre plot starting at $1,024 and 80 acres of vacant land with structures in Beryl Newcastle with a minimum bid of $2,664. If you’re looking for residential property, you will find many gems in this auction. A few of our favorites include: a single-family property in over 9 Acres with a starting bid of $8,000, a single-family home starting at $2,787 and a multi-family residence in Cedar going for $11,127.

Iron County is located in southwestern Utah, a part of greater the Cedar City area. Its county seat is Parawon and the area is known for recreation centers, a ski resort and various events, such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival and has a population of approximately 50,000.

Yolo County

Yolo County CA is auctioning nearly 30 properties between May 8h – May 11th with starting bids at $4,414. This is a no reserve auction with a single $5,000 refundable deposit. Minimum bids start at just a fraction of the assessment, including a $448,117 property with a starting bid of $11,403 and a nearly million-dollar West Sacramento property starting at $41,238.

Properties available include parcels in Woodland, West Sacramento, Madison and Clarksburg, among others. View the complete property list at the link above.

Yolo County is a northern California county. Woodland is the county seat of Yolo, which is part of the greater Sacramento metro area. Yolo is home to California’s tomato production region and close to the fast-growing Sacramento area.

Deposits for this auction are due TODAY at 4pm EST.

Siskiyou County

Investors can choose from 84 properties May 8-11th in this upcoming tax sale presented by the Siskiyou County treasurer. Starting bids begin as low as $1,000 and there are no reserves on any of the properties. Acreage on listed properties ranges from less than half an acre to over 150 acres.

Some of the communities included in this tax sale are located in Hornbrook, Mt. Shasta, Happy Camp and others. Tax rate, land assessment and additional information can be found in the above property list.

Siskiyou County is located in the northernmost part of California bordering Oregon. It’s known for its geographical wonder, outdoor recreation and high tourism due to Gold rush era historic sites.

A single $1,000 refundable deposit is due TODAY at 4pm EST.

Modoc County

Modo County, CA is hosting a tax sale May 15-18th  with no reserve. Over 260 parcels will be offered with starting bids at just $288. This auction requires a single $500 refundable deposit. Parcels are located in Alturas, Newell, Tionesta, and more.

Full property lists provided by Modoc County are available at the link above with addresses, assessed values and more information so you can bid with confidence from anywhere in the world.

Modoc County is located in the upper East corner of California bordering Nevada and Oregon. Much of Modoc county is federal land as the county is one of the least-populous in the state.

Deposits for this auction are due on May 11th at 4pm EST.

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A single $200 refundable deposit is due May 20th at 4pm EST.